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행정구역상 성남시 지역이지만 분당 신도시에 비해 크게 낙후된 기존 성남 구시가지의 도시 및 주거환경을 개선하기 위한 도시환경정비사업의 목적 으로 개발되는 주용도를 주거시설로 계획한 복합시설이다. 잠실 롯데월드 고도제한완화를 계기로 고도제한완화(EL+193)에 대한 기대감과 주거복 합건축물의 용적률(성남시 도시계획조례) 변경을 가정한 계획안으로 전체 전체면적 18만 평, 총 1,740여 세대 규모의 규모검토 안이다.
Although the building is located in Seongnam city according to the administrative classification, this area is far inferior to other New Towns in Bundang. The Residence-Commerce Mixed-Use Building in Jung 1 District was planned as a part of an urban environment rearrangement project for the purpose of improving urban and residential environments in old Seongnam City. The main purpose of this mixed-use building is for residence. Due to the relaxation of regulations that restrict the height of Jamsil Lotte World Tower, it was planned based on the expectation of relaxation of regulations that restrict the height of this building (EL+193) and the changes in floor area ratio of residencecommerce mixed-use buildings (Regulation on Urban Planning of Seongnam City). It is a provisional project of which the total size is 180,000 pyong with 1, 740 households in total.
성남시 도환
성남 도환 중1구역 주상복합
Seongnam City Dohwan District 1 Mixed-Use Complex