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끝없는 도전과 발전을 통해 ‘Global Power Leader’로 거듭나기 위한 한 국남동발전을 상징하는 세 개의 켜로 구성되었다. 타워는 세 줄기 백광을 의미하며 이는 사무실 영역, 에코 영역, 업무 지원시설 영역의 프로그램 으로 구성된다. 쾌적한 업무 공간을 위해 에코 샤프트와 고성능 외피 시 스템을 계획하였고 신재생에너지 활용으로 에너지를 생산하는 저탄소 녹 색빌딩을 구현하였다.
The company building is planned to reform the ‘Global Power Leader’ through continuous challenge and development. The tower which is formed by three layers of massing represents the three beams of white light for the Korea South-East Power, as one of the leading energy company. The building composes of three programs- office, eco space and supporting work facilities. To improve the office’s natural ventilation, the building system focuses on the eco shaft and an efficient envelope system. Every four stories, the atrium is built up so that the employees can use it as a rest area. This atrium increases the buildings efficiency by the use of passive system; maximizing natural lighting and improving air circulation. In addition, a renewable energy system is implemented with the notion that the company strives towards a greener, environmentally-friendly future.
대한민국 경상남도 진주시 상대1동 284-2
한국남동발전 본사
Korea South-East Power Co. Headquarters