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Suitable, Symbol, Special, Sustainable의 4-S를 주안점으로 1, 2 단계별 마스터플랜, 원스톱 지원서비스의 클러스터, 이용자 편의를 도모 한 시설별로 배치하였다. 기본 모듈의 유닛을 정하고 프로그램 간 독립성 과 연계성을 고려하여 유닛을 재조합한 후에 역동적이고 진취적인 방향 으로 매스에 변형을 가하는 방식으로 로봇을 상징한 형태를 완성하였다.
ROBOS is the optimized building design as the core base of robot industries. Careful considerations on two phase master plan, one-stop service cluster, and separation of building mass for convenience of the user, ROBOS is designed to be the best suitable robot cluster. Modular configuration gives the imagery of robots as well as cost reduction, and simple construction. Through separating facilities, the independency and the efficiency of spaces are maximized. Plan of a robot test building satisfies special needs of its programs. Abundant green area and the smart interactive facade design help to receive the best grade of the green building.
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Korea Institute for Robot Industry Advancement