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정부 세종청사 건립 2단계에 해당하는 2-2구역에 지식경제부, 교육과학 기술부, 문화체육관광부 등 3개 부처를 배치하는 이 프로젝트는 독립된 프로그램인 동시에 거대한 마스터플랜의 일부이기도 하다. 따라서 주요 개념인 Flat City, Link City, Zero City의 세 가지 요소를 발전시켜 사람, 도시, 자연을 주제로 하는 ‘행복마루’를 통해 청사와 시민이 한데 어우러지는 공생의 장을 실현하였다.
This project of locating three government administrations; the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism which will be located in 2-2 District as a part of second phase construction for Sejongsi Government Office Building; is an independent program and at the same time it is subordinated program by the massive master plan. Therefore, the success of this project was to find design elements consisted of harmony between functional and morphological that embraced the whole and partial. To solve this task, three elements of Flat City, Link City and Zero City which is the key concepts of master plan was developed to actualize a place of symbiosis combining government office building and citizens as one through ‘Hangbokmaru, Happy Floor’ a theme of people, urban and nature.

대한민국 충청남도 연기군 남면 종촌리 118-7
정부세종청사 2단계 2구역
Government Complex Sejong 2-2